Saturday, February 4, 2017

About Modern Outdoor Furniture: Teak

Teak patio furniture is rightly known for its beauty and durability. Teak is a tropical hardwood native to south Asia monsoon forest regions. Old forest trees, which grow naturally to more than 100 feet, are generally harder and more durable than young teak trees grown on plantations. As such, old growth teak was considered more desirable for teak tables and other hardwood garden furniture. However, old growth teak, like mahogany, is becoming more rare, and more expensive.

The worldwide demand for teak garden furniture and teak indoor furniture remains high, and teak is now grown commercially in several countries on carefully controlled forestry plantations. Plantation grown trees are kiln dried and now considered by teak furniture manufacturers to be comparable in performance and longevity to old growth teak.

Your teak table and patio chairs will maintain their beauty through the sun and rain of many summers and the frost of many winters without special care because the tight grained wood contains an abundance of natural oils which makes it nearly impervious to both weather and wood-boring insects. Oiled or varnished teak takes on a deep brown luster with visible grain pattern. Untreated teak takes on a smooth, grey patina. You can choose your teak furniture style to match your overall home decoration style. Teak can be cleaned successfully with mild detergent or even soap and water. If it appears, however, that the grain in the untreated teak is opening then it must be treated to prevent water damage.

Despite its hardness teak is a very workable wood and is commonly manufactured into exterior doors and window sash for many Asian homes. Shipwrights have used teak for decks and planking for centuries. Western consumers appreciate teak more as patio furniture and pool furniture although teak veneer is becoming more common for dining room, bedroom and other home furnishings.

Outdoor lawn furniture, dining patio sets, chaise lounges, patio chairs, benches, bistro sets and a variety of accessories can be used to design a comfortable, and attractive, outdoor grouping for everyday use or for elegant entertaining. Since teak furniture is available in a variety of styles - and is weather resistant - it's ideal for any type of climate, from the heat of the southwest to the wide-ranging New England seasons.

Because of its unique natural properties, workability, and beauty, teak can be integrated into a wide variety of decor furnishings, and is a popular lawn furniture choice for English Garden settings. Found in the finest private homes, hotels, lodges, resorts and luxury yachts, teak is synonymous with style and elegance and is one of the best furniture investments that a homeowner can make.

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